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Shyness: The Causes and Effects on an Individual`s Life
When a person tends to avoid social interaction and always seem withdrawn due to an anxiety of being negatively evaluated in these social situations then the person according to psychologists can be said to be shy. There are several causes of shyness and each cause is unique to different people.
Even though scientists have not yet shown that there is a gene for shyness, there are arguments that claim that children, for example, can learn the shyness behavior from parents. Children may also model themselves along with their parents` ways of handing some situations too. Statistics have shown that shy parents have shy children.
Another cause for shyness has been attributed to an individual`s difficulty to cope with new environments and social situations. When these individuals are constantly exposed to these ne...

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Presentation on theme: "Thesis Statements For Autobiographical Essays. Some good examples n Older siblings can help their younger brothers and/or sisters overcome shyness. n."— Presentation transcript:

1 Thesis Statements For Autobiographical Essays

2 Some good examples n Older siblings can help their younger brothers and/or sisters overcome shyness. n Faith can keep one from “going too far” in a number of situations. n Parents can discipline their children in a variety of ways. n Older people can forget how to “give it their all.”

3 A good thesis statement is: n Focused -- the direction/purpose is sharply detailed. n Clear -- the language is strong, simple, direct. n Interesting -- the topic is provoking. n “Prove-able” -- you can tell a short anecdote or a relate a series of stories that will demonstrate this idea.

4 Some Bad Examples n Announcements rather than Statements: n The subject of this paper will be my parents. n I want to talk about crime in my life. n The concern of this essay is how the baby boom generation affected my life.

5 Bad Examples n Statements that are too Broad: n My parents have been the most influential people in my life. n Crime is a major concern of everyone in this country. n Baby-boomers have changed history.

6 Bad Examples n Statements that are too narrow: n My parents had only one child. n In the last year there were over twenty robberies in my neighborhood. n Baby boomers make up the largest single age group in the U.S.

7 Bad Examples n Statements that contain more than one idea: n My parents helped me to grow in important ways, although in other respects it was limited. n My brother learned from his time in prison, but prisons are too crowded. n Don’t drink and drive; I think the drinking age should be lowered.

8 Evaluate each other’s thesis statements: n Are they -- –Announcements rather than statements? –Too Broad? –Too Narrow? –Do they contain more than one idea? n Are they focused, clear, interesting and prove-able? n Try re-writing those statements that you find problematic.

9 Titles n Should describe the content of the paper, not the assignment. n Bad Titles: –Career Project Evaluation Essay – First History Paper –Essay #1

10 Titles cont. n Should be professional rather than personal. Should not be statements of fact. Should not leave the reader wondering what the essay is all about. n Bad titles: –Why I choose Nursing – I want to be a Biologist. –My goal: Rocket Scientist. –Why it’s Difficult for me to Decide

11 Titles cont. n Should indicate the tone/approach of the essay. n Good titles: –Nursing: A Financially and Spiritually Rewarding Career –The Time is Worth it: Taking the High Road to the Ph.D. in English –Career Options for Extroverts with Strong Math Skills

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