Aravind Eye Hospital Case Study Solution


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Executive Summary The present case concerns Aravind Eye hospital which is a privately owned hospital and provides free services to the poor and needy people. Dr. Venkataswamy who is the founder of the hospital wants to expand Aravind Eye hospital to all parts of India, Asia, Africa and rest of the world so that quality and free eye services can be provided to the poor and needy people who have curable blindness but can’t afford to pay for their treatment. Dr. V is interested in knowing how this expansion can be achieved through the franchisee model. The case writer has been hired as a consultant to advice Dr. V as to how to realize his dream. The case writer observes that there are various problems which need to be looked at if the expansion plan is to become a success. These include ensuring that the model is self-sustainable and the franchisee is able to recover his cost of capital, to ensure that the main purpose of the hospital of providing free services to the poor and needy is not compromised, quality man power is available to ensure smooth functioning of the franchises and to address the social cultural and legal issues while expanding outside India. The case writer suggests that the expansion should be held out in phases with the expansion starting from the three southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in the first year and then expanding towards the northern states including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh. West Bengal, Bihar and Maharashtra. This phase would be completed in a period of 3 years. The Aravind Eye hospital would provide franchisee rights to suitable bidders for free and provide their expertise to the franchisees. In return, the franchisees have to ensure that at least 50% of the patients treated are for free and the quality of service is not diluted. Aravind eye hospital would also help the franchisee in administrating the hospital for first year. For expansion outside India, the case writer suggest that once the expansion in India is complete after 3 years, Aravind Eye Hospital would partner a prominent NGO each from countries in Asia and Africa and set up their own flagship hospitals there along with the NGO. To ensure that Aravind Eye has enough capital to do this expansion, the case writer suggests that Aravind eye should partner with an FMCG company which will advertise their products to the rural patients and in return pay a fees to Aravind eye. This would ensure that Aravind eye has enough capital to go ahead with the expansion plans. Once the flagship hospitals in each country have gained credibility, Aravind eye can give franchisees of their hospital to suitable bidders of those coutries.

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