Herwig Czech Dissertation Titles

Thesis Topics

The Consortium offers a wide range of areas of research interest for supervision.   For your information examples of previous topics undertaken by IMCEERES students are listed below.

Corvinus University Budapest

  • International Adoption Bans in Romania and Russia: A Case Study on East West Relations
  • Patron State Nationalism: The Case of Hungarian Relations with Serbia and the Vojvodina Autonomous Province
  • Exploring State Policy Towards Roma Minority in Modern Hungary
  • The Continues Presence of Communist Successor Parties in Czech Republic and Hungary
  • Unfinished Bridges Between Eastern Europe and Latin America.  Mexico-Romania Cultural Diplomacy and Nation Branding Experiences
  • The Role of Russia within BSEC.  Implications to Regional Diplomacy
  • Exploring and Explaining Age-Cohort Variations on the Communist Past in the Czech Republic
  • Identifying the Relationship Between Corruption Prevention, Integrity and Education in Hungary
  • Russia's Foreign Policy in the Asia Pacific: A Neoclassical Realist Approach
  • Engines of the Right: A Comparative Examination of Hungarian Right-Wing Party Youth Groups
  • Memory, Multiethnicity and Marginality: Post-Socialist Nostalgia in Armenia and Georgia
  • The Implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Slovakia and Serbia: Case Study of Hungarian Minority
  • Are the British Left and Right Media Coming Closer because of the European Refugee Crisis and Why? Exploring from the Selected Famous Left and Right Media in the UK
  • Encountering Material Memory: Experiences of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 in the National Museum of Hungary and the House of Terror
  • Interconnectedness of Nationalism and Authoritarianism: The Role of Nationalism in Regime Legitimation and Power Personalisation in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan and Tajikistan
  • Czech Migrant Integration Policy
  • Readers' Responses to Mainstream Media Articles about Women as a Reflection of Contemporary Gender Politics in Russia
  • Opinion Leaders in Social Media: Who Distributes the Political News Amony Ukrainian Twitter Users?

Jagiellonian University

  • Polish Trade Unions in 1970s and 1980s
  • Trajectory of Transformation of Communist Successor Parties - Case of Bulgarian Socialist Party
  • Out of Time: The Economy, The Scale of Assets and Political Power in Belarus After the 2011 Currency Crisis
  • EU Democracy Promotion in Ukraine and Tunisia
  • Fight for National Priority in the South Caucasus (nation building, identity, historical memory)
  • Crime in Eastern Europe: Lessons from Soviet Times
  • Electoral Behaviour of Electoral Minorities in Georgia
  • Migrants from Central Asia in Russian Federation
  • Cross Border Cooperation across the Schengen Border: Polish, Ukranian and Belorussian trans-border regions
  • The International Dimension of Democratisation: The Impact of the EU and Russian on Ukraine's Political Regime
  • Transnational Organised Crime in Russia and Eastern Europe and its Impact Home and Abroad (Bulgaria/Romania)
  • Domestic and International Strategies towards combatting organised crime
  • The Manipulation of Memory: The Case of Emilia Plater as used by Adam Mickiewicz and Margaret Fuller
  • Memory of Forced Migration in Germany and Poland.  Re-imaging History in the Time of European Integration
  • Russian Cities in International Relations: Actors or Observers
  • Europeanization of German and polish National Foreign Policy: The Case of Bilateral and Trilateral Cooperation
  • State, Nation-Building and Integration of Ethnic Minorities: The Case of Georgia
  • The Kremlin's New Propoganda and the Ukrainian Crisis
  • The Maidan Protest Movement of the November 2013-February 2014 - A Theoretical Model of Analysis
  • Same-Sex Partnerships Policy in Poland: The EU Impact
  • Small Dependent States and Energy Security Threats: A Case Study on the Republic of Moldova
  • Impact of New Member States in the European Union: Case Study of Poland and Youth Policy
  • Continued Violence in the North Caucasus: Perspectives from Panski
  • Immigration and External Relations: (De)securitisation in the Discourses of the European Parliament
  • The Concept of New Eastern Europe
  • The Function of the Stalinist Myth: Pro-Stalin Sentiments on the Rise? Memory and Identity in Contemporary Russia
  • The Place of Human Rights and Promotion in Third Countries in the Foreign Policy of the EU: THe Case of Kazakhstan
  • Implentation of International Marketing in Polish Higher Education Institutions: Antecendents of Export Market Responsiveness
  • The Social and Economic Impact of the Local Border Traffic Agreement Between Poland and Russia in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province
  • Projecting the Polish Nation: Feelings of Polish Nation-hood Among Pole's Card Holders frpm Belarus
  • Ukraine in the EU's Eastern Partnership Policy 2009-13.  A Case of Czech Foreign Policy Making Analysis
  • Russian and US Media Portrayals of the US/NATO Ballistic Missile Defence Shield: Before and After Crimea
  • Democratization and Securitization - The Ban of Russian TV Channels in Ukraine
  • Euroscepticism and Othering in the EU Migration Crisis 2015/16: Analysing Patterns of Discourse in the European Parliament
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Polish Migrants in Scotland and Return Migrants in Poland
  • New Parties in Poland's 2011 and 2015 Parliamentary Elections: The Analysis of Contributing Factors to Their Electoral Results

 KIMEP University

  • Environment and the Place of Corporate Social Responsibility in Kazakhstan
  • Revolution or a Civil Coup: An Analysis of the Political Event in Kyrgystan in Spring 2010
  • Eurasian Union - Motivation of Members to Join
  • Border Management in Central Asia - The EU Approach as a Role Model
  • Pipelines, Hegemonies and Regionalism in the Caspian: A Neo-Gramscian Appraisal
  • Anti-rug Trafficking Initiatives in Central Asia
  • Is There An Oil Curse in Kazakhstan and What Can the Country Learn From the Cazse of Azerbaijan?
  • The Environmental Question in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan - The Case of Kumtor
  • Between Apathy and Engagement: Understanding Environmental Mobilization Under the Non-Democratic Regime of Kazakhstan
  • The Influence of Islam on Ethnic Identity: How the Everyday Practice of Religion Affects the Identity of Kazakh Youths in Almaty
  • Language as an Expression of Power: A Study of Soviet Language Policies and Their Impact on Moder Kazakhstan
  • Post-Colonialism and Kazakhstan's History Textbooks
  • Through Perception and Reality: Kyrgyzstan's Move Towards Russia
  • In Search of 'Middlemen' for German Politics in Kazakhstan

University of Tartu

  • EU Environmental Legislation: Cae Study of the Decommissioning of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
  • National Memory and Russian Policy-Making (Russian-Ukrainian and Russian-Baltic Relations)
  • The Politics of Marginilisation: Identity and Human Trafficking in Post-Soviet Estonia
  • The Militarisation of Socialism: A Study of the Bolshevik Theory of War
  • Rethinking the Relations Between Identity and Foreign Policy: Analysing Russian's Foreign Policy Discourse Towards China
  • Bulldog Mothers, Rabid Worker-Bees and White Ravens: Women's Gender Dissent in Late Soviet Russia
  • Integrating Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy Making: The Role of Legitimacy in the Process of Autocratic Regime Consolidation
  • Discourse Analysis and Small State 'Cyber Norms': Estonia's Views on Benefits, Limitations and Cooperation
  • The Role of Populist Parties in the Geopolitical Discourse in Lithuania
  • Securitisation of Ukrainian Civil War: Does it Bind the Black Sea Security Dynamics with the Baltic Sea Security Dynamics
  • Is Ukraine Cyber Resilient

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