Franklin And Marshall Benjamin Franklin Essay

The Junto Society was created to be a prime exemplar of some of the virtues and practices the faculty seeks to encourage among the student body: intellectual curiosity; informed, reasoned and civil discourse; and engagement with ideas outside the classroom.

The Junto Society is patterned after Benjamin Franklin's own organization of the same name.  In his Autobiography, Franklin explained the operation of his Junto Society as follows:

 "We met on Friday Evenings.  The Rules I drew up requir'd that every Member in his Turn should produce one or more Queries on any Point of Morals, Politics or Natural Philosophy, to be discuss'd by the Company, and once in three Months produce and read an Essay of his own Writing on any Subject he pleased.  Our debates were to be under the Direction of a President, and to be conducted in the sincere Spirit of Enquiry after Truth, without Fondness for Dispute, or Desire for Victory; and to prevent Warmth all Expressions of Positiveness in Opinion, or of direct Contradiction, were after some time made contraband and prohibited under small pecuniary Penalties" (Yale UP edition, pp.116-17).


Graduates of the Last Decade, or GOLD alumni, are leaders, and contribute greatly to F&M's legacy. They are leaders, thinkers, and innovators at the beginning of their careers.

The Benjamin Franklin Society offers special opportunities for GOLD alumni to gain admittance to the society. Membership starts at $100 for each year post-graduation (see chart). 

GOLD alumni receive the same benefits as other members of the society:

  • The attention of a designated liaison
  • Listing in the annual report of donors (view here)
  • Special communications from the College
  • Invitations to College events 

Please consider joining the Benjamin Franklin Society with your gift today. You also have the option of breaking down your gift into monthly payments (see chart):

Class of 2008$84 per month
Class of 2009$75 per month
Class of 2010$67 per month 
Class of 2011$59 per month
Class of 2012$50 per month
Class of 2013$42 per month
Class of 2014$34 per month
Class of 2015$25 per month
Class of 2016$17 per month
Class of 2017$9 per month

For more information about the Benjamin Franklin Society, please contact Associate Director of Annual Giving Greg Brown at or 717-358-4272.

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