My Big Family Essay

Nowadays more and more people tend to have only one child or not to have children at all. The reasons are different: some of them want to have more time to themselves, some want to get to the top in their career and some just don’t want to have such a big responsibility. Either big or small families have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them. To begin with, children from bigger families are more sociable while the only child in the family may be a little bit too shy. It is said, that children who haven’t got any siblings and get a lot of love and attention from the parents, start taking everything for granted and become spoiled. I think, it depends not on the size of the family, but on parents and the way they are bringing their child up. And on the other side, in bigger families parents may have their ‘favourites’ and love them more than the others.

It is completely wrong and may leave some of the siblings sad and miserable. Also, the more children people have, the harder it may be to provide them with food, clothes, education and other necessary things. For me, the option of having a big family is unacceptable. Even one child seems to be too much. I’m not quite mature and I don’t think I ever will be, and I realize what a huge responsibility the family bond is, so I won’t decide to have a child until there remains even the smallest shadow of a doubt. Also, I can’t imagine taking care of someone except myself and how I’m going to sacrifice all my freetime and interests, and hobbies, and lifestyle for the sake of constant cooking, clothes washing and house cleaning. And no matter how many advantages a big family has, I’m not going to change my mind.

Growing Up in a Large Family Essay

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Growing Up in a Large Family

Roommate: "Hey wouldn't it be fun to go to New York for the weekend?"
Me: "Yeah! We could stay with one of my sisters in Brooklyn."
"I thought you said your sister lived in Texas."
"That's a different one."
"Wait, how many sisters do you have?"
"WHAT? Any brothers?"
"Are you serious?"

This is the typical response I get when I reveal to someone that there are ten kids in my family. When the shock subsides I am always bombarded with the same questions. "The same two parents? How big is your house? How many bedrooms are there? Are there any twins?" and more importantly, "How many bathrooms does your house have?" My personal favorite is, "Can you say all your siblings'…show more content…

All the toys were shared, and the clothes had been passed around so much no one was sure what belonged to whom. Not even my own underwear was off limits. I had to periodically make the rounds of my sisters' and brothers' room to find things that had "disappeared" from my own. In my house no one ever expects to find something where they left it. The only way not to go insane searching for stuff all the time is to find some really good hiding spots. The biggest problem with having no real sense of ownership is when it's time to clean the house. It doesn't matter how many times my Dad yells, "Whose Lego's are these?" because no one will answer him. No one claims ownership, and no one claims responsibility.

The hardest thing to share was a bedroom. At one point I shared a room with my younger sister Zoë and my older sister Ada at the same time. It was a disaster! We fought constantly until Jesse went to college and Ada was able to move into the vacated room. As stressful as the experience was, it taught me how to live with all types of people. Now I am worried that maybe I am too used to living with other people. Coming from a place where everything belongs to everyone, I sometimes forget that other people are bothered by someone else using their belongings.

I wasn't too worried about the college roommate situation because I could not wait to move out of my house. Every large family's household is chaotic. Even though my siblings and I are all

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