Vw Fun Theory Case Study

By now you would have heard that Volkswagen’s “The Fun Theory” won the Cannes Cyber Grand Prix for a digitally led integrated campaign, it won along side Nike’s “Chalk Bot” who took out the award for the other digital solutions / digital channels category in the Cyber section.

The Fun Theory was all about generating interest in Volkswagen’s Blue Motion technologies that deliver the same great car performance with reduced environmental impact, and to do this, they found an insight around how “fun” could change human behavior for the better, and this formed The Fun Theory, a campaign that spawned over 700 user generated Fun Theory initiatives along with a number of big viral hits that generated over 20 million YouTube views, with one rushing past 12 million views alone!

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    Posted by: Aden Hepburn

    DDB Stockholm recently launched Rolighetsterorin, or "The Fun Theory" campaign, an initiative to get people to change their lazy behaviors—and ultimately, how they feel about driving environmentally friendly cars—by allowing them to see the fun side of acting responsibly.

    "The campaign has just started up with a number of experiments in which the theory—that fun can change people's behavior—is tested in various situations," says DDB Stockholm creative director Andreas Dahlqvist. One of the most charming tests is a staircase in a Stockholm subway station that was converted into working piano keys—a way to convince commuters to take the stairs over the escalator. Another test uses sound effects to make throwing rubbish away properly a cartoon-like experience.

    The experiments are being seeded through various channels and are live on rolighetsteorin.se, with English versions to appear soon on thefuntheory.com. A contest also encourages visitors to upload their own applications of The Fun Theory. A prize of 2500 Euros will go to the creator of the winning experiment, decided on by a panel Swedish experts in behavioral science and environmental issues.

    As for the carmaker's own contribution, "Volkswagen's answer to the theory will be presented at a later stage on a separate website amongst other media," says Dahlqvist. "The site will display their whole range of environment technologies and cars—many, many fun ways to do something for the environment."

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