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If you’re in High School like me, you’ve probably began to wonder where and what you’re going to be in the coming years of your life. It’s a little strange to think that our grace period of living with our parents and having no other concerns other than school and extracurriculars are going to hastily come to an end. But hey, the coming years after you graduate are the biggest step into adulthood, and it’s best you come prepared than coming in blind. How have you prepared for the future?

Here are my thoughts:

I think the best way to plan for the future is to have an outline that is susceptible to change. I’ve met more than enough people that are 100% convinced they know where they will be 8 years, 3 months, 21 days and 15 seconds from now, I really wonder how it will play out for them. Perhaps it comes down to personal preference, but I truly believe that having every moment of your life planned out can (key word: CAN) end disastrously. After talking to a lot of college graduates about where they plan on going after college, the ones that seemed to have it all figured out in High School ended up to be the most confused. Sometimes the things you think you love don’t turn out to be as fun or as intriguing as you thought it’d be. That’s okay. That’s why I think you should keep an open mind, be ready to change lanes and take a different route. Make an outline for yourself, and most importantly; try new things.

I’m only a Junior in High School. My idea of what my future will look like will probably be wildly different in a few years. So I can’t tell you in great detail what my plans for my future are without being immensely vague. For now, the best I can do to provide a good foundation for my future is to focus on the shorter term goals. I want a great SAT score. I want to keep my grades high. I want to score well on my AP tests. I want to have some great college apps. Note; these are all things that are ahead of me. Things that are ahead of me are things I consider stress worthy. I can no longer change what happened in the past, I can’t change that Calculus test I totally bombed last semester. (heh) No big deal, I just need to do what I can do RIGHT NOW to change what will happen in the future. Cheesy, yes I know, but I can’t stand to see some bright young minds give up too early because of a few crappy grades that they had freshman year. Don’t justify your own lack of planning because of things that happened already. Remember to give it your best effort and enjoy the ride.

So how does this have anything to do with how I’ve planned for the future?

Outline. It’s all an outline. I’ve built this foundation of my own grades, my own extracurriculars, even my own hobbies that I am proud of. These things that I’ve worked for are made around things that I’m passionate about, and from speaking to counselors to college kids, to adults, they’ve all told me the same idea, which is to find a passion and chase it. Now please recall that this is all what I have done, and I expect nobody else to do the same thing as me or even agree with everything I say but this is just my idea of it all. I have always loved 3 things; writing, math, and science. Time has went on, and those things have gotten more specific. It’s become more as thoughtful writing, real world application to mathematics (that’s why I enjoy Calculus and Physics. Weird, right?), and the human body. I’m sure as I get older those things will be infinitely more specific, but those are the things I enjoy.

With these things, I’ve set a goal for myself, and I hope to achieve it. I want to go to USC and obtain my masters degree for Physical Therapy and specialize in Sports Medicine or maybe look into computer engineering. College is meant for endless discoveries, right? Well that’s what I plan for, anyway, but I’m ready for it to change. I’m an avid sports enthusiast, whether it’s playing or watching the sport, but I do enjoy mathematics to a certain extent and will look into it. Although we do things to improve our college resume, I’d rather do something that I’m passionate about. Just hopefully colleges will see that I choose things I’m truly passionate about rather than things that are essentially meaningless busy work to me.

These are just plans, anyway. I wanted to write more about my plans because I’m not in the position to tell you how things have went, just yet. These are just ideas for how I think plans should be made for your own future and not good, solid advice. I wish I could tell you guys more than what my aspirations are, but I haven’t lived enough life just yet. Maybe in 2 years, when I’ve graduated I could tell you more, but for now all I have are goals. So let me ask you something; How do plan for yourself? Comment below and tell me all about it, I’d love to read your own thoughts on outlining your own future. Thanks for reading this :)

My Financial Plan for the Future Essay

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Foreclosure is an extremely serious topic for so many people. For some, it simply means that there are cheap houses on the marker, for others, it is the end of their lives as they know it. Ultimately, there really isn’t a solution to foreclosure, but there I have formulated a plan to help slow down the process.
The future is always uncertain. However, having a financial plan for the future can save a person a lot of grief. More importantly, it can help tremendously for that young adult who is fresh out of college, and at the beginning stages of life; for the young adult who is preparing to attain his or her Doctorate, and will be living, most likely, completely on his or her own.
I am that person.
Or more specifically, I will be…show more content…

The average apartment rent runs roughly around $750 dollars.1 All I would really need is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, to satisfy my own needs. Along with paying for the apartment is paying for utilities. Average utility costs2 are about $100. I chose to bump this up a bit, simply to make sure that the utilities would be covered. Every utility cost is going to be different depending on where a person is living, so I figured it would be better to be safe than be sorry. If I am still on the same health insurance during this time, then my health insurance bill will actually be $0. The way that this plan3 works is that the patient pays the first $3,500, and then everything else within his or her plan is free. However, if I am not on this plan by that time, I will put myself back onto it. It is a little difficult to break this down, because it is not a month by month payment. However, I went ahead to see how much it would cost to pay off the full $3,500 if I wanted to split it evenly throughout the year. Divided by 12 months (1 year) it broke itself down to about $291. However, with this particular plan, each doctor visits are only $35. I asked a couple people about how much they pay for their car insurance. They would tell me it was normally around $75 a month. So, just to be safe, I am calculating it as if it is $100 a month, so that I will have enough for $600 every

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