Quiron San Jose Analysis Essay

Hospital Quirónsalud San José is a leading Obstetrics and Surgical hospital in Madrid. Founded in 1926, since then, the objective has been to make it into a modern, functional centre with some of the latest special treatments.

At present, Hospital Quirónsalud San José is a top centre for Women’s Health, especially for Obstetrics, and has an annual average of 3,300 deliveries, making it one of the first private hospitals to pass 100,000 births. It is also outstanding for its specialities in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Ophthalmology and Urology.

Hospital Quirónsalud San José subscribes to a policy of quality aimed at offering our patients the highest standards of health care, with most of its services being accredited by the AENOR UNE-EN ISO 9001 certification: 2008.

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  • Area of 8.166 m2
  • 96 beds
    • 79 Individual Rooms
    • 4 Day Hospital
    • 4 ICU
    • 9 Post Anaesthesia Unit
  • 7 operating theatres
  • Obstetric Unit
    • 2 Obstetrics Operating Theatres
    • 3 Wards for Pre-birth Dilatation
  • 23 Consulting Rooms
  • Adult and neonatal ICU
  • Obstetric Emergency
  • Surgical Day Hospital
  • Diagnostic Imaging Unit
  • Clinical Analysis Laboratory
  • Pathological Anatomy Laboratory
  • Blood Bank and Accreditation of Hemotherapy and Transfusion
  • Traumatology and Advance Recovery Unit
  • Physiotherapy Unit and Gym
  • Aesthetic Unit
  • Programme for Cord Blood Donation

Hospital Quirónsalud San José

C/ Cartagena, 111

28002 - Madrid. España

Tel: 91 5103826


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